QRCodesSmart Phone Tools


QR Codes or quick Response codes are 2-dimentional bar codes that are used due to their quick readability and their ability to store large amounts of data. They can be used to store almost any type of information such as business contact information, pictures, lists, or a combination of these. Most smart phones come with the software already installed. The user simply takes a 'picture' of the code, lets the phone do it's thing, and presto - the information is at your fingertips! Just google qr codes for sites that supply QR code generators.

BCG Matrix

BCG matrixThe Boston Consulting Group Matrix is a quick tool designed to help determine business strategy. For example, a cash cow signifies that market growth is low and the market share is high. This suggests that investing in market growth strategies may not be the best strategy for this component.



A SWOT analysis ( Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) provides managers with a quick method of looking at a wide variety of situations. By listing your SWOT you can often discover what things are important to focus on in business. For example, you may discover that a strength of your business is your people but, a weakness is a high turn-over of staff. This suggests that your focus should be on retaining people.

SWOT analysis is a quick-and-dirty tool which should be used early on in the business analysis stages and should be used in conjunction with more refined tools.

New MediaDevelop & Analyze Social Media

Be Plugged into the new mediums of Marketing using FaceBook, YouTube, QR Codes, Twitter, or other mediums. Conexus Marketing can help you develop your new media presence so you can take advantage of the new word-of-mouth medium.